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Increase revenues from your websites and take advantage of our exclusive offers.

  • Invest in quality programs
  • Broad mix of programs
  • Getting-started guide available
  • High conversion campaigns and programs
  • User friendly interface
  • VIP Club for top-performing Publishers
  • Advanced tracking – we track even when a cookie is deleted
  • Fast support

If you're not a member and would like to take advantage of our programs and benefits, please submit an application.


Let our experience and expertise help your company be more successful online.

  • Consultation regarding design of ad material to achieve high conversion rate
  • Results-based marketing
  • Real-time tracking
  • Publishers' Newsletter six times per year
  • Account set-up for rapid impact
  • Campaign Manager
  • Optimization to maximize ROI
  • We take care of all payments plus VAT and tax liabilities to your Publishers

We offer a platform for increasing your online sales efficiently.


Our proven performance-based method make use of every advantage in affiliate marketing.

  • Flexible payment plans
  • A single super account to admin several programs
  • Complete reporting and analysis
  • Campaign Manager
  • A sharp increase for your customers' leads and sales
  • We open up new marketing channels and target groups for your customers

Through Affiliator can you increase the profits for your clients. Contact us for more information.

Affiliate Marketing with Affiliator

Affiliator has been running since 2006. We focus on creating long-term profitable programs. Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing form that wins more and more ground in the marketing mix.

Affiliator works with a variety of companies and we only let in programs that we think add value to our Publishers. We also focus on making sure that our advertisers pages convert and offer several services on improving landing pages and ad materials.